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Re: A question about /srv partition

Once upon a time Roberto C. Sanchez said...
> Junpei Xia wrote:
> >Thanks. I am new to LVM, I read LVM howto, but a bit confusing for me.
> >Should I do LVM at install time, i.e, when I do the disk partitioning,
> >or after I have installed system with a normally partitioning?
> I would do it at install time.  It is much easier than trying to convert
> your system after the fact.

Definately at install time if you have that option.

For a single disk system, this is what I typically do:

1) Partition the disk using the standard partion tool as:
   /dev/hda1 - root filesystem (typically about 250MB)
   /dev/hda2 - swap
   /dev/hda3 - rest of disk, partition type LVM

2) Create a physical volume on /dev/hda3

3) Create a volume group on the /dev/hda3 physical volume

4) Create logical volumes in that volume group:
   /dev/vg0/local  - /usr/local
   /dev/vg0/src    - /usr/src (if you build your own kernels)
   /dev/vg0/data   - /data (I put mostly multimedia files, CD images,
                     vmware disk images, etc here, to keep my home 
                     directory manageable for backups)

5) Initialise each partition (both root and logical volumes) with a
filesystem and select their mountpoints.

I like to keep root off LVM so I dont need an initrd image to boot. It
keeps things a little simpler.

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