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Re: intrusion via ssh

On Fri, 2005-04-01 at 13:27 +0200, Bob Alexander wrote:
> Michelle Konzack wrote:
> > So, if I reinstall my Linux Router for the 4 ADSL Modem-Routers
> > I will reinstall a script, which, if it detects an aggression,
> > answer with an automated upload of a rootkit...
> > 
> > And if you think, i can hit innocents, then I answer, that the
> > owner of the Computer is responsable for this whats going on with
> > his/her computer/server.
> > 
> > If they permit people to do cracking, it is not my problem if I
> > erase a Database of 3 TBytes...  (already done in Italy)  :-)
> > 
> Michelle,
> I am no-one to tell you how you should behave and express only my 
> personal opinion, but I find counterstrikes to be ethically, 
> philosophically and probably legally unacceptable.

In the USA, such "active defenses" are really illegal, if the 
theory that a "door booby-trapped to fire a shotgun blast at it
if a burglar breaks in thru the door" can be moved to the digital

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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"Lead the people with governmental measures and regulate them by
law and punishments, and they will avoid wrongdoing, but will
have no sense of honor and shame. Lead them by virtue and
regulate them by the rules of propriety and they will have a
sense of shame and, moreover, set themselves right."

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