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Re: intrusion via ssh

Am 2005-04-01 11:18:57, schrieb Bob Alexander:

> Hallo Michelle.
> Maybe because you can threat to sue THEM if the attacks from THEIR IPs 
> do not stop ?

Yes, and because I live in Strasbourg, the way to the french and german
justice is not far... I am collection the aggressing IPs per country
and if they are to much... I stike back.

Unfortunatly the most IP's are in the USA or South-Amerika.
I think, the US-Kids are be bored...

So, if I reinstall my Linux Router for the 4 ADSL Modem-Routers
I will reinstall a script, which, if it detects an aggression,
answer with an automated upload of a rootkit...

And if you think, i can hit innocents, then I answer, that the
owner of the Computer is responsable for this whats going on with
his/her computer/server.

If they permit people to do cracking, it is not my problem if I
erase a Database of 3 TBytes...  (already done in Italy)  :-)

It was an Systemadministrator which had tried to crack my network
and I have wone the legal proceedings.

> Bob


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