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Re: intrusion via ssh

Am 2005-03-31 16:40:56, schrieb Alvin Oga:
> On Thu, 31 Mar 2005, Michelle Konzack wrote:

> > Be happy...
> > Today I have gotten more then 3000 of this...
> > 18 MByte of "/var/log/sshd.log".
> isn't it nice to get free security audits ?? :-0
> and hopefully, they'd go away after seeing they cant get in

All of my passwords are between 16 and 80 characters  :-)
and I am using cracklib.

I think, only a grave bug in "openssh" can let crackers go in.

The only problem is, they try it every day...  and use the same IP!
I think, they find me via my Domain...

I have already contacted my ISP, but I am sure, they do nothing...
It is a national ISP <http://www.wanadoo.fr/> and why should
they care about only one client, if they have some million ?
> c ya
> alvin


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