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Re: Replying to "list-only" sorry my mistake

On 2005-03-16, Roberto C. Sanchez penned:
> Michael Z Daryabeygi wrote:
>> So how does one subscribe as a newsgroup.

One option is to subscribe to gmane.linux.debian.user (see www.gmane.org for
instructions on using gmane)

>> And couldn't the list be changed to have a reply-to: or change the from:
>> field to be the list?  Why is this not the case when replying to list is
>> the stated preferred method?
> The reply-to thing gets discussed periodically.  Basically, it is a Bad
> Thing(TM).  There are sound technical reasons, though I forget where I read
> about them.  I'm sure that if there is interest, someone will be kind enough
> to post a link.

I'm not sure, but I recently found out that gmane silently drops one's
messages if one sets the Reply-To header to a list.  Oops.


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