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Re: Kernel 2.6.11

On Wed, 2 Mar 2005, Eric Gaumer wrote:

> I believe this to be a bit of an over statement. Perhaps "know issues" 

Hi Eric.  I disagree.  See below.

> If, however, you are a desktop user who enjoys tinkering with things 
> then I encourage you to use upstream sources. If you find issues then 
> report these bugs so that they get fixed. There is a definite need for 
> testers so don't shy away from upstream sources because of some rumor 
> you heard some individual claim.

Well since you don't believe me on this (or other :) issues, read
Alan's words:


Read the remainder of the thread.  No one contradicts his assertion that 
2.6 is shipping with known security holes.  This was the time for another 
developer to stand up and disagree but not one of them did.

In fact the remainder of the thread pertains to a non-security related 
problem with smbfs in 2.6.10.

I think it is pretty clear cut but each person can make up their own 



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