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Re: OT: how to setup cvs over ssh with a separate group?

Quoting Bruno Boettcher <bboett@adlp.org>:

> > As far as permissions, make the group ownership of your cvsroot something
> > like cvsusers and make it group writeable.  Add all the users whom you
> would
> > like to have commit access to that group.
> done, as said the problem is to tell the system to use the secondary
> groups of the users and not the primary ones....
I don't know what you mean by primary and secondary groups.  For example,
my username is sanchezr and I am in groups sanchezr and cvsusers (among
As long as the cvsusers group has write permission to the cvsroot directory, I
have no problem importing and committing.  I am not sure what problem you are
having.  If your setup is complicated, you may want to consider setting up ACLs
on your file system.


Roberto C. Sanchez

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