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Re: What's wrong with debian?

On Mon, Feb 28, 2005 at 02:21:20PM -0800, Anthony Tippett wrote:
> What's wrong for one is right for another.  What's wrong to you is right 
> for me.  Personally, I want the "stable" distrobution to be well stable 
> and very proven.  What may be "stable" to you probably is "testing" to me.

Straw man.

See, we've been told the reason for the Sarge delays in the past:

1.  The installer STILL doesn't work, and they won't use Anaconda or
    some other alternative, for what are a mixture of good and bad
    reasons in my opinion.

2.  We have to get it to build on architectures that are only used by
    the people who created them as a proof-of-concept, or we're
    leaving people behind.

3.  Since it's already so late, we're going to hold it back until we
    can include fooware 3.0, which is a huge improvement.  See, if we
    release before incorporating fooware 3, it'll be three years
    before it hits stable, given how slow the release cycle is ....

4.  Now the installer's broken again ....

I miss something from the slink, potato, and woody cycles:  frozen. 
And I continue to maintain that the solution would be one simple
Debian policy:  freeze six months after the last release, and
everyone goes into bug-stomping mode until the NEXT release.  This
will not happen, unfortunately, because Debian is a developer-run
project, and it's much more fun to develop or package NEW software
than it is to fix bugs in OLD software, so the development cycle is
weighted to that activity.
Carl Fink                  carl@fink.to
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