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Re: upgrade openoffice 1.0.3 (woody) to 1.1.2 (sarge)

On Monday 21 Feb 2005 08:37, Monika Strack wrote:
> I'm administrator of net with servers and thin-clients with debian. At this
> time all machines has woody installed. Now I want upgrade to sarge. I have
> installed a test-server (with dis-upgrade). But I have problems with
> openoffice. The upgrade of package works. Openoffice is installed at the
> server. If a user log in to the test-server and start openoffice at the
> first time, all user settings get lost. I have found that the old settings
> ar at ~/.openoffice/1.0.1/user/config/registry/*.xml and the new under
> ~/.openoffice/1.0.1/user/registry/data/org/openoffice/*.xcu. I don't found
> a script or program that convert the old settings to the new files and
> syntax. If you have on or two users, you can do it by hand. But I have over
> 50. The user doesn't see that his settings go lost, he only say that the
> new system lost the templates of our institut.
> Why goes openoffice not thru the setup at the first startup by user? Know
> someone a method to convert the settings from 1.0.3 to 1.1.2?

Upstream OOo doesn't really support such upgrades actively.  There is some 
support for this setup though, and the Debian packages do run setup in 
upgrade mode.  You should see a message on the console that tells you this 
when you run the newer OOo version for the first time.  Do you see that 


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