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Re: Blogs: the surrender

Kevin Mark wrote:
On Sun, Feb 20, 2005 at 12:30:00AM -0500, Carl Fink wrote:

After years of resisting, I've decided to go ahead and create a blog. Mainly, I want to actually post content to nitpicking.com (currently
and for the past few years a placeholder page) and I'm too lazy to
create my own original web page layouts.  While not ideal, a blog
will let me post content and get comments on it with minimal effort
on development (as opposed to writing).

So, I have a Debian (Woody) server.  Yes, Woody, it has to mirror a
production Stable server in addition to serving my own domain.

So, any recommendations for blog software that works with Woody?

Hi Carl,
after reading planet.debian.net, I've noticed that folks just try out
blog systems like distros. I'd say see what is supported and if not see
if you want to use a backport and then jump in!

Blogs are one area where I don't see the point of using an apt package for. They tend to release new versions pretty often and usually have an upgrade script to do the work for you. better to just download wordpress 1.5 (or whatever your fav blog is) and run with it.. they are very very easy to install.

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