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Firefox print output problem


I have a really strange problem with printing webpages from Firefox (Debian 
package 1.0+dfsg.1-2). The actual page content prints quite fine, but the 
page headers and footers are borked. They are printed in letter font with 
only letters printed (no numbers, no slashes), so that a page address like 
http://www.example.org/index.html is reduced to httpwwwexampleorgindexhtml 
and the page number is changed from "1 of 1" to a simple "of", time and date 
are just displayed as "pm" or "am" depending on the time of day with both the 
actual date and time stripped.

I had first suspected the printer's PS emulation to be at fault, but the error 
shows in a postscript file as well. Even stranger is the fact that it only 
seems to occur with the default printer driver "printername@:64". It works 
fine with "PostScript/printername", but I can't easily switch between simplex 
and duplex print there.

In fact, I haven't found one other misbehaving application so far. Might that 
be because all apps but Firefox are using a sane printer system while Firefox 
relies on xprt-xprintorg which is in an early alpha stage?

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