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Re: Throwing screens around

Shea Martin wrote:
I installed debian-sarge on a laptop.  I want to telnet to my Solaris/SPARC
box and throw screens back.  But I get an error saying can't open display.
Yet I have appropriate entries in /etc/hosts for both machines.  In my
telnet session, DISPLAY is set to laptop:0.0, so it should work?

This is because the default X settings are (rightly) to not accept
remote connections over the network.

If I ssh -X into the solaris box, I can throw screens back fine.  I have
never had a problem throwing screens from that Solaris box before.  But the
laptop is a fresh install, so I suspect the problem lies there.

This is the correct behavior.  You don't really want to telnet (in
the clear) and then forward X apps (also in the clear) back to your
machine without any sort of authentication.  Especially if the machine
is a laptop (since it is more likely that you will move it from network
to network.

Is there a problem with just using 'ssh -X'?


Roberto C. Sanchez

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