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Re: debian on domain clients ?

* Nicos Gollan:
> On Monday February 14 2005 13:15, fluppe wrote:
>> My first thought is of course debian, but the clients have no direct
>> access to internet and i can't allow x number of clients to connect to
>> internet but how do i have to do the upgrades and the installation
>> then ?
> Basically, there are two easy ways: apt-proxy and debmirror.

There are probably even more. I suggest to use apt-move. It only needs a
small configuration file (mine has only 11 lines) and a cronjob running
'apt-move mirror'. This will fetch new packages, put them into the usual
mirror structure and rebuild the Packages files (which takes some time).

You only need an FTP or HTTP server (apache, or even boa) which you
direct your clients to. Exporting via NFS or Samba should also be

I don't recommend apt-proxy. I haven't looked at it lately, but when I
did it was terribly slow and much more complicated to set up. I think if
you have at least ten clients which need updates, a local mirror is
reasonable. BTW, with apt-move you can set up filtering rules to sort
out packages you know you'll never use.

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