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Re: debian on domain clients ?

On Monday February 14 2005 13:15, fluppe wrote:
> I am working for a while with debian without problems, everything works
> as it should work!
> Now, we want to start in the company to transfer CLIENTS that now work
> with windowsXP to LINUX!

Keep us up-to-date on how it's going ;-)

> My first thought is of course debian, but the clients have no direct
> access to internet and i can't allow x number of clients to connect to
> internet but how do i have to do the upgrades and the installation
> then ?

Basically, there are two easy ways: apt-proxy and debmirror.

apt-proxy runs on one server and stores packages requested through it, so that 
subsequent requests for the same package get answered by the server. The 
positive effect is that you keep a minimal set of packages on the server and 
cause less load on the debian mirrors.

debmirror lets you create a complete mirror of whatever package repository you 
want. It causes rather massive load on the original mirrors, has a huge disk 
overhead on the server (testing+unstable have a over 10GB) and is harder to 
maintain. It is easier to configure though.

I'd recommend you have a look at apt-proxy.

I don't know any mechanisms to actively push updates to the clients, but if 
you're keeping a sane network environment and a minimum set of services on 
the clients you should be OK with less frequent updates.

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