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Re: Set your system clock

On Tuesday 11 January 2005 12:46, Greg Folkert wrote:
> Or:
> apt-get install ntpdate
> service ntpdate start
> syncs with the pool.ntp.org
> Much preferred to rdate.
> Infact while you are at it, why not run an ntp daemon to keep your time
> right
> apt-get install ntp-server
> It also syncs to pool.ntp.org
> From rom then on... no more worries.

Now, I have ntpd and ntpdate installed on my debian-sarge system. The ntpd 
daemon syncs with according to the logs. However, it has not 
been keeping my system clock updated. Instead, I used cron to schedule 
ntpdate to run periodically to keep my system clock in sync. Shouldn't ntpd 
be doing this? I haven't touched the ntpd configuration, so is there 
something there that might be wrong?


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