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Re: Set UID and GID for NFS purposes (Solved)

In article <[🔎] 4201493A.6020106@optusnet.com.au>,
David Powell  <moondrake@optusnet.com.au> wrote:
>Thanks for that advice Alexander and Robert - since I posted I
>discovered the usermod and groupmod commands.  As this is a development
>box for home, there's only one user (me) so it wasn't an onerous way to
>fix the issue.  The commands I used were:
>usermod -u <idnum> <username>
>groupmod -g <idnum> <groupname>
>It seems to have done the trick.  It was very late at night, but I think
>I did also have to chown/chgrp -R the mounted NFS directory - which as
>Robert suggests wouldn't be a lot of fun if you had many users.
>Something to keep in mind for future reference.
>If starting from scratch (without files/users set up) I guess you could
>specify the uid/gid on each box when creating users...

The standard way to solve this is to run NIS, or nowadays perhaps LDAP.


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