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Re: IDE Disk Controllers: Natively supported / detecting them ....

Hi Christopher,
Thanks for replying yet again ....... and sorry to keep banging on
about this stuff .... but, yet another question .......

> When you plug in the card, linux'll probably not do anything, since your
> kernel might not have the modules needed loaded into it. In which case
> you should do
> modprobe "module_name"
> depending on which car you've got (and which kernel you've got).
> For instance:
> modprobde pdc202xx_new

OK - so my dumb-ass question is .... how do you know what to probe
for? can you probe for just part of the name e.g. modprobede pdc* - or
do you have to know the precise name of the module to probe for?

Thanks yet again .......

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