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Re: howto make my own install cdrom

Hugo Vanwoerkom wrote:
msck9@mizzou.edu wrote:

I want to make a bootable cd, not to install debian,but in case of crash
I can boot from the CD. Andreas, is your "bootable CD" suitable to do
that? Thanks.

You mean by "crash" and unusable system?
Then mondo is your friend: creates a bootable CD from your system, which can be any size.

bootcd is quite limited in size: you have just 650MB, there is no compression and only 1 CD.

Mondo compresses and allows multiple CD's: e.g 1.4GB on just 2 CD's.

Moreover, you can create the backup on a running system.


My initial question was for installing on another pc .. rather than download all the deb's all over again, I wanted to take them and create my own install cdrom(s) .. I stumbled upon a package called debian-cd, which seems to fit my need.


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