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Re: Kernel Upgrade?

On Sunday 30 January 2005 12:44 pm, Steve Turnbull wrote:
> I am not familiar with a single command which updates the kernel? But, as you 
> say, a single command which would intelligently do all of the above would be 
> good.
> Although I do like learning how to do things manually, and figure out all of 
> the in's and out's of the working system, this isn't for everybody.
> Getting back to 'kernel update', is this a script/tool you know of?

Well assuming you use debian canned kernels like I do...
Apt-get install kernel-image-2.4/6-arch (I use kernel-image-2.4-k7);
kernel-image always depends on the latest kernel in that branch. 

So all I have to do is my normal dist-update (not sure if plain update will do it; I
can't remember) and it installs it for me.

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