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Re: kernel? 2.4.x vs 2.6.x

On Sun, 2005-01-30 at 03:57 -0600, Colin J. Ingram wrote:
> debianers
> Im about a month into my first debian system and Im fairly new to linux


> also. (ive had some experience doing some number crunching on research
> clusters)  Before I get to my question Id like to comment on my
> experience so far.  

Please do us, your teachers, and, most importantly, your mother,
a big favor, and use apostrophes.

I'd, not Id (that Freudian thing)
I'm, not Im
I've, not Ive
I'll, not Ill (are you sick?)
We'll, not Well (the thing you pump water out of)


> I first installed Woody from cd.  I had no problems with the installer.
>  I can see how it maybe consider archaic but it didn't seem that bad to
> me.(i have lots of technical experience though so I can see have it
> could be hard for those w/o computer savvy)

Congrats.  That's a +1 in most of our eyes...

>                                             I tried using both
> bittorrent and direct ftp to download the cd images. I understand that
> bittorrent releaves stress on servers, but the download was much slower
> on my connection.  This must be improved for bittorrent to become a
> viable option.  

I've heard that exact same thing, too.  Thanks for another
data point.

> I had very few problems with my initial install except when it came to
> getting my Dlink DGE 530T network card functioning.  The driver is
> sk98lin, but the provided module did not work out of the box.  I had to
> compile a new kernel and then compile the driver(sk98lin) from
> dlink.(note: this fails w.o custom kernel and I couldn't get syskonnects
> driver to compile at all which googling suggested) This was all a good
> experience (I planned on doing the kernel stuff anyway) and I don't
> think that driver issue is a debian problem, but I wanted to mentioned
> in case anyone else has this problem. (there is little doc. for this
> card on net) 

Congrats again...

> okay on to my question
> Ive just done an apt-get dist-upgrade to sarge.  It is still running so
> I don't know if it will be sucessful but I faith. (I have a minimal
> install only setup to provide serves(file and print) w/o desktop or x)
> Should I upgrade to a 2.6.x kernel? In other terms, its pool time! Do
> you use 2.4.x or 2.6.x with sarge and why?  

I've been using 2.6 since .2 with very few problems (boot-time
firewire disk initialization, mainly).

There are a lot more devices supported under 2.6, so that might
be important to you.  I don't think that SATA is supported under
2.4, but it may have been backported.  Also, udev (dynamic device
naming) is only in 2.6.  Many, including me, have had great success
with it.  Others haven't.

Also, I have read reports that 2.6 does not play well with Samba. 
Intermittent file corruptions.  Since this box will be a file 
server, this would be something to google/investigate further.

Ron Johnson, Jr.
Jefferson, LA USA
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