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Setting up one blog per user


I'm trying to find the best software to have a blog per every user in a

So far I went with pyblosxom[2], but it doesn't give me exciting web
posting interfaces: is there only weblog-add.py for it?  Or is there a
server software more suited to this case?

Then I have the problem of posting interfaces: can someone suggest me a
Free and featureless BloggerAPI client for Windows?  I couldn't find
anything simple: I tried w.bloggar but it's interface has more buttons
than OpenOffice!  And it's not free.

For Linux instead I have found gnome-blog, which is very simple and
featureless, however it's so featureless that it doesn't allow editing
or deleting old posts, which wouldn't be bad.



Target: students in a high school, not necessarily computer-literate.
Every student already has a user account on a unix machine, with active

pyblosxom works quite well, with the xmlrpc plugins and a script I made
that installs an instance of it in ~user/public_html/blog.
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