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Re: Scary kernel message from 2.6.10-k7 on sid

On Jan 29 2005, Paul Johnson wrote:
> Jan 29 01:05:34 localhost kernel: oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1d2

This means that some program(s) was(were) using all the memory of your
system at a given time and the "Out of Memory" subsystem (OOM) worked to
select some task in your computer to kill so that it could free some

This should be quite an exception (I have only seen the OOM killer here
once), but the problem is that recent versions of the Linux kernel have a
memory leak which is being patched.

I don't know if the Debian package already has the fix or not (you seem to
be using a Debian package, from the name of the package) as I use my own
compiled kernels.

Hope this helps, Rogério.

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