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Re: insmod rtl.o will freezes PC what should I do?

わさびぃ wrote:
> Hi 
> I installed Debian sarge (not a latest but quite new)
> with kernel 2.4.27
> Then I downloaded RTLinux and I found 
> patches contains only kernel versions of
> 2.4.19 2.4.20 2.4.21
> so I tried all sources and saw only 2.4.21
> makable.
> Then I patched with corresponding kernel and
> patch file.
> After all I restarted and all seemed fine.
> Except some usrs are not identified by X anymore.
> Then I compiled RTLinux sources.
> And made modules and installed.
> The instruction says to execute script.
> But the script is like this.
> insmode rtl.o
> insmode rtl_time.o
> ...etc...
> What I found was that PC freezes by 
> #insmode rtl.o
> That's it. it was the end. no more...
> Anybody could let me know what I need to do with it?

Are you saying the pc freezes while insmod rtl.o? In any case since you
patched the kernel yourself, you have to find where it freezes. Go into
the module where the freeze occurs and put strategic kprint statements.
Then recompile, reboot and do it again and see if your kprints show up.
Either that or go with a kerrnel that is supported by them.



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