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insmod rtl.o will freezes PC what should I do?

I installed Debian sarge (not a latest but quite new)
with kernel 2.4.27

Then I downloaded RTLinux and I found 
patches contains only kernel versions of
2.4.19 2.4.20 2.4.21
so I tried all sources and saw only 2.4.21
Then I patched with corresponding kernel and
patch file.

After all I restarted and all seemed fine.
Except some usrs are not identified by X anymore.

Then I compiled RTLinux sources.
And made modules and installed.

The instruction says to execute script.
But the script is like this.
insmode rtl.o
insmode rtl_time.o

What I found was that PC freezes by 
#insmode rtl.o

That's it. it was the end. no more...

Anybody could let me know what I need to do with it?

Thank you.


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