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Re: Accessability problem/opportunity

Seeker5528 wrote:
On Wed, 26 Jan 2005 18:27:22 -0500 Tom Allison <tallison@tacocat.net>

Test driving may be a problem since you would need a braille display,
but there is brltty http://www.mielke.cc/brltty/ and a Debian based
mini distrobution built around braille and speech
http://www.brlspeak.net/ that may be something to look at.

Thanks for the links.  These will make for good research.

Also current versions of Gnome and KDE both have accessibility
features available screen readers, magnifiers, etc...

Strangely I don't use either one of these, but I think I can add one in for a few days. I guess WindowMaker needs some features added.

Emacspeak always sounded interesting to me, but I never got around to
checking it out.

Same here.

Thanks!  This is some good ideas on what to shoot for next.

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