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Accessability problem/opportunity

My wife has a homework project (School of Ed.) that has fallen squarely on my lap. And it's so cool that I would pass it along. It's due Monday.

The assignment originally was written around Windows and Mac but she got an extension to apply it to Linux as there isn't anything else here and the teacher thought it would be "uber-cool".

Here's the deal:
Accessability (handicap accessability - any handicaps) features of the operating system. What does the OS offer and how does it "test drive".

I did a quick search on a few items and found a metric ton of options under linux but have no idea of their suitability (are they Alpha, Beta, Stable). I hope someone has some relevant experiences relating to this issue as I'm not sure I can weed through everything in the time available. There's a lot of software out there.

For speed, I'm going to be preferentially leaning towards Debian packages as that's what I have installed. But there are some that appear worth playing with, like 'morseall' which is a morse key accessable shell (mouse button or similar).

Now my wife has added an additional assignment for me (and you?). Can I come up with a practical "Top Ten Reasons" list of features/advantages of Linux over other alternatives. Yes, I am planning on putting Cost as one of them. Oh yeah, and one of the teachers works for Northville Public Schools.

For starters, I think one of the features that seems to be very extensive is the variants of emacspeak and other Auditory aides. Not sure what other types of Accessability utilities might exist, but that would be a great start, just getting a list of what's practical.

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