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Re: Simple sound recording?

On Wednesday 26 January 2005 08:57, Marc Shapiro wrote:
> I need to input sound and output a file in .au format.  It would be
> easiest if I could input from a cassette recorder and a patch cord,
> since someone else will be making the actual recording, but I can handle
> other methods, if necessary.
> I have used snd before, but was primarily using downloaded files, I
> wasn't recording my own stuff.  I did manage to record a test file then,
> but I can't seem to get it to work, now.
> I just downloaded sound-recorder, which seems to be about as simple as
> it can get.  I figured that I could convert the file format after I got
> it captured.  It certainly seems to record, but I get a nice, large file
> with nothing actually recorded to it.
> Can someone tell me how to get either of these working, or suggest
> another program that will do this very simple task?
> Any help will be appreciated.
> Marc

If you're using ALSA, make sure your input lines are not muted, and the 
volumes are turned up.  I've recorded from a tape via a cord plugged from 
the tapes headphone jack to my sound cards mic jack.  I wasn't able to 
record only on the mic channel, though, so I had to silence all other 
sounds during the recording.  I used audacity, and it has a monitor that 
allows you to see what it would record before you start.  I recommend it, 
as it was very simple.

Justin Guerin

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