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>From : Mrs. Mary fati
Email : m_fati1@voila.fr

Request for YourCordial Assistance

Dear Friend,

I humbly wish to request for yourassistance in re-uniting my scattered
family as well as helping us saveour family inheritance from my late
I must at this junctureintroduce myself as Mrs. Mary Fati originally from
darfur of the muchtroubled Sudan and I was married to late Engineer Solomon
Fati who wasan oil merchant till his death amidst the darfur Crises.
My husband wasmurdered in cold blood along side with our two sons. Today I
am leftbehind with two children a boy and a girl.
Before we left Sudan, wewere able to find among other things, a fund worth
of us$16,500.000.00which we found in a Safe in his private room. This fund
has beenpeacefully lodged with a private security company here in Ghana. I
amhere with my little daughter while my son is in far away Dubai.
Myrequest here therefore is that you assist us in receiving this fund
inyour account and further help us in investing this fund. Above
allthese, we will need your assistance in re-uniting us with my son who
weare missing so much.
Based on the agreement of deposit, this safe canbe received here in Ghana or
any country of our choice provided thesecurity company has their
corresponding office in the country of ourchoice.
For accepting to help us in this capacity, we will be happy toreward you
with 25% of the total sum while 5% of this fund will be usedto compensate
all forms of expenses in the course of thistransaction.
As soon as I receive your acceptance mail, I will be abletell you more on
this transaction as well as linking you up to my sonfor a proper
I will be happy to hear from yousoonest.
Best regards,
Mrs. Mary Fati

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