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Re: NVIDIA upgrade failures

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 09:57:56PM -0500, Roberto Sanchez wrote:
   > Tom Allison wrote:
   > >I'm currently running the 2.6.8 kernel with a GeForce 550 MX video card
   > >and the nvidia drivers version 6111
   > >
   > >I tried to upgrade to 2.6.10 and have run into a wall.
   > >
   > >I cannot get the 6111 drivers to work.
   > >I cannot get the 'latest' drivers from NVidia to work.
   > >I cannot get the 'latest' drivers from NVidia to work on 2.6.8 kernel.
   > >
   > >For the last year, I've been able to simply follow a recipe of upgrading
   > >the kernel, installing the kernel-headers package for the same version,
   > >and then run the NVIDIA installation script from nvidia's website.  And
   > >it's always come up fine.
   > >
   > >Now it's screwed up.  I've had to revert back to 2.6.8 and the old
   > >nvidia drivers.
   > >
   > Why not check this out?  See if there is some helpful info there.
   > Incidentally, the latest version of the nVidia drivers are 6629.
   > I would get those.  The packages are in Sid.
Just like the OP, I am also facing problems with the 6629 drivers from
sid and also the vanilla versions from Nvidia. 

The debian packages compile fine, will install and module can be loaded. 
When I try to start X, the machine locks up. OTOH, the package from
Nvidia, will compile. On trying to modprobe the module, I get an error
message telling that undefined label (sorry, I forget the exact
message). Any pointers would be helpful.


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