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Re: routing table problem after power failure (sarge)

On Tue, Jan 25, 2005 at 12:06:42AM +0000, Corné Jannemans wrote:
> Jan, again thanx for your quick response!
> On-topic:
And hi again - the last response before I'm off. ;)

> [snip network layout description]
Ah, ok. Understood. So the router is out of my calculations. Remains your
routing table at altijd.

> this is my /etc/hosts:
Looks perfectly.

> this is /etc/host.conf:
Also. Crazy that it doesn't recognize "localhost".

> The box has only got two NIC's (different brandings) because I planned to 
> use them as one 20/200Mbit NIC for faster Samba Access with two windows 
> clients. Has not been implemented yet, when i look at the lights in the 
> NIC's always one card is used. Both are up, when I ping the other, it 
> blinks and responses.
Yep, ifconfig showed about 200Megs for eth0 and about 140Kilos for eth1,
IIRC (without scrolling up the archive). Hm, currently reading some sites
about "problems with asymmetric routing". All in all very interesting, but not
explaining the problems you have.

> I could reset my router and config it again, but that is a bit of a nasty 
> job. The router has no problems after uptimes of 100 days, it seems to be 
> reliable. Have you got any other ideas with this info?
No, I don't think that will alter the situation.

> Maybe I could redo the networking config part of my box,from the setup? 
> (Stupid idea :-( )
Hey, we're not at a Windows box here... ;-) "Ah, TCP/IP doesn't work, oh well,
deinstall, reinstall, reconfigure until it works... *lalala*
(no offense or OS flame war intended, note the smiley)
I've never had to de-&re-install something on Debian up to this day...

> I wrote this piece of text above just for history, because now it seems the
> After pulling out one NIC cable from my debian box, I could ping and dig 
> outside my lan. I did the same with the other cable too. Now I can ping, 
> and my box is http:// accessible!
> But samba is not working, /etc/init.d/samba restart didn't help. I rebooted 
> "altijd". Now the problem's are back, internet not accessible.
Hmm, just out of curiosity, remove one of the interfaces from the "auto"
lines in /etc/network/interfaces, and reboot (so we get a fresh state).
Would be interesting if your net is available then. Maybe it's the duplicate
route that's causing problems (although then there should also be problems
when pinging on the LAN etc.).

> Samba still not working.  I'll report after Win2k reboot, tomorrow. 
> Restarting switch did not help.
Hmm no, after reading your description above I'm pretty convinced that the
problem is somewhere in the configuration depths of the Debian box.

> Hope you're happy the problem was this stupid....
Oh, it's still there, isn't it? But you're right, we'll jump at it tomorrow.

> Corné
Good night!


PS: If some networking expert wants to jump in and lend a hand, please feel
free to - route & co. isn't one of my specialties... ;-)

Jan C. Nordholz
<jckn At gmx net>

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