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Re: Setting up USB scanner

Try following the advice here 

Does sane-find-scanner list your scanner? If it doesn't, your scanner
wasn't detected by the kernel USB scanner driver. I'm copying a
paragraph of man sane-usb here:

"If your scanner isn't detected automatically by your operating
system's scanner driver, you need to tell the kernel the vendor and
product ids of your scanner. For Linux, this can be done with modprobe
parameters: First, remove the scanner module (rmmod scanner), then
load it again: modprobe scanner vendor=0x0001 product=0x0002. Use the
appropriate vendor and product ids (e.g. from syslog or cat

Now sane-find-scanner should list your scanner. If it doesn't, check
the permissions (see man sane-usb).

The only thing you will need, is the device line after the [usb] line.
The device is the one printed by sane-find-scanner.


some options ...
device /dev/usb/scanner0

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