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from a.out to running the darned thing.

I know, this has to be a really dumb question.  I must be 
missing something really simple on this one.  I want to point 
out that googled up and down but must be asking google the 
wrong thing.

I got GPC going, I wrote a typical "hello world" style 

program sailor;
        writeln('hello sailor');
        writeln('maxint is',maxint);

and ran it through gpc, which gave me no errors and a 
file called a.out

so I figured if I typed in "a.out" at the shell prompt I would
get a "hello sailor" and the value of the supported maxint size.

I type "a.out" into bash and I get "command not found"

Is there something I have to do to tell bash that this 
executable is an executable, or did I leave out a step?


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