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Re: dpkg-reconfigure -a won't fix a problem

Rodney D. Myers wrote:

I ssh'd into her machine, and attempted to finish her update. The
command line instructed me to "dpkg-reconfigure -a", which I have been
attempting to do for the past 2 hours. It get only so far into "fixing
things, then quits with the error message;

ERROR: Could not find slib/require.scm in  ("/usr/share/guile/site"
"/usr/share/guile/1.6" "/usr/share/guile" ".")

I did a half-hearted search at bugs.debian.org, and didn't find an answer. But it seems to me that perhaps the upgrade (update?) failed to finish downloading/unpacking a required dependency (perhaps the "slib" package?). Now during the dpkg-reconfigure, the package requiring the dependency is not finding the dependency.

Perhaps you should try running "apt-get -f install".

Maybe you should check that no partitions (such as /usr or /var) are low on free space.

Perhaps you should try manually installing "slib" to meet the requirement.


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