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Debian Sarge and automatic ISDN hangup is not working!

Hello list!

scenario: a router (Debian Sarge) with an AVM FritzCard 2.0 (a popular passive ISDN card --> device: ippp0) and a ethernet device (eth0). The router is connected to some WinXP clients with eth0 to the local network. So the router should provide internet access for the clients. Okay ... if a client (or the router himself) wants an internet connection, the router is dialing in. Fine. The timeout (huptimeout) is set to 60 seconds. However the connection is not killed after that timeout. The "huptimeout" option is described as:
--- from the isdnctrl man page ---
huptimeout name [seconds]
Set the hangup timeout for ISDN interface name to seconds. If there is inactivity (i.e. no traffic on the interface) for the given time the driver automatically shuts down the connection. If seconds is omitted isdnctrl prints the current setting for interface name.
--- from the isdnctrl man page ---
So, could it be that traffic from the internet (i get always connections on ippp0 to ports 135/445 (SMB shares) - of course blocked by iptables) prevents the ipppd from shut down the connections after the specified 60 seconds timeout? The ports/connections a blocked by iptables - yet "regular" traffic on ippp0? If yes ... how to change the behavior, so that only traffic from the internal lan keeps the isdn connection up? Is that possible?

Thanks in advance!
Andreas Semt

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