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Re: KDE-mail

On Friday 21 January 2005 15:47, Ishwar Rattan wrote:
> > Configure Kmail with network send to local host, receive from local
> > mailboxes.
> I am able to make the send part work but it won't receive from
> /var/mail/user :-(
> It looks like that I do not understand the 'local mailbox' part. I think
> that Postfix spools the mail for user in /var/mail/user (as does it does
> grow in size) bu nothing ends up in ~/Mail/inbox/new etc. (in Kmail).

I am not using postfix and you might need to configure it correctly.
Any, all I did was
Settings->Configure Kmail->Network->Receiving->Add
Type is "local mailbox"
You can accept their defaults.

> BTW what is the function of 'fetchmail' in your local set up (as same host
> is also sending and receving mail..)?

I am not having KMail access the provider. Fetchmail does this. Name your 

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