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Kppp inactive (feedback)

  I couldn't get my existing setup working so I re-installed Sarge CD1 of
11.1.2005. This had the same bugs as my previous install (of course) but 2
of your suggestions made my kppp or pppd work.
 1. Inserting the command line `adduser handyman dip`. (where `handyman` is
my username)
 2. Changing `auth` to `noauth` in  /etc/ppp/options
  Thank you very much for your help. :-))
Also thank you Robert Parker and John Hasler, if I could understand it I'd
give it a shot, maybe in the future :-))

 I'm now working on Kmail which doesn't want to recognise my ISP. (I saw a
post a while back about this)

 As an aside, I've been trying to learn GNU/Linux for a year and a half now.
I started with Mandrake, tried Fedora (because a friend used it) and then
went to Debian because it seemed to be in the true spirit of Richard
 I have to say that my experience has been that all the distros are
excessively buggy.

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