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Re: netscape imap server

Stevan Kanban wrote:

> On Thu, Jan 20, 2005 at 07:25:34AM +0100, Laurent CARON wrote :
>> Stevan Kanban a écrit :

>> >I'm searching on google the imap netscape server but cannot find.
>> >I'm afraid there's no anymore ... I mean they only put a http frontend.

>> Is this a debian related problem?
>> I don't think so.

> It's not a debian question... as (too?) many contributions right here.

True, but most of those off-topic posts are general discussion, and not
non-Debian related technical issues.

> I think that debian users are more qualified to answer seriously to some
> questions. That's why i think it's the right place here.

Since you can connect and log in fine, it is definitely an issue on
Netscape's end, and they are the only ones who can help you with it.

> i've sent a mail to netscape... no answer at all!

That's unfortunate.


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