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Re: debian thunderbird

On Jan 19 2005, Alexander Sack wrote:
> I own the ITP for sunbird. I will package it as soon as I feel that
> sunbird is in good shape and ready to be included into debian (But please
> remember that sunbird is not even version 0.2). Maybe I will manage to
> release a preview package in a two weaks or so on my site or upload to
> experimental.  So keep your eyes open ;)

Please let me be the first one to thank you for your work with Thunderbird.
Even though I'm using mutt (it's my preferred mail client), I do sometimes
use Thunderbird (I have all my mail hosted via an IMAP server) and I always
install Thunderbird for friends and it works beautifully, even the
experimental or preview packages that you put on your site.

And since so few open source users are actually open to say a thank you for
the developers, packagers and other people doing infra-structure work, this
just seemed like the right opportunity.

Thanks for your highly appreciated work, Rogério Brito.

P.S.: And both the Debian Gnome and Debian teTeX maintainer groups also
rock hard.
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