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Re: debian thunderbird

Cathayan wrote:
that is ok. but debian thunderbird broke the calendar extension
installed before. is there an calendar extension can be used on

Thunderbird included in debian is just named that way, because mozilla _does not_ permit to distribute a build that is modified or build with different build parameters[1]. The problem here is, that upstream has some bugs outstanding that would prevent us to package those packages at all. Further we need the right to apply security patches. There is currently a discussion about this issue going on on debian-legal.

To address the technical questions you had, manually installed extensions _should not_ break unless they would break (disabled) after a firefox/thunderbird upgrade with upstream builds too. Maybe you just need to upgrade or reinstall your extension? At least for thunderbird I want the build to be compatible with the upstream build from an extension point of view. So if extensions that work upstream do not work, this would be a bug against the debian package :)

> or the standalone calendar - sunbird, is available on debian ?
> somebody working on it?

I own the ITP for sunbird. I will package it as soon as I feel that sunbird is in good shape and ready to be included into debian (But please remember that sunbird is not even version 0.2). Maybe I will manage to release a preview package in a two weaks or so on my site or upload to experimental. So keep your eyes open ;)

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