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Re: debian thunderbird

Miķelis Rozenbergs <veezis <at> gmail.com> writes:

> Strange, looks like i'm moving to default (non-debian, mozilla)
> firefox/thunderbird. I'm now woring on a theme for mozilla firefox,
> and i want to be able to test it on mozilla firefox, not debian
> firefox. what should i say? "well it's for mozilla firefox, but i only
> managed to test it on debian patched one, it is your problem that it
> is not working on mozilla's version" ?

Well that is not debian jobs to break compatibility, why would they break
extensions .
The debian installer need a repackaged extension, mainly for the debian package
database to be aware of this extension behing installed. In the inside it does
this then use the firefox installer and register the extension in the same way
as it would if installed from firefox itself. 
You could look at those already in debian if you want to check.

Debian patches are about making the insallation unattended and behave well with
other components or older versions.
Some maintenair do add patch to fix bugs. Those are maint to be included
upstream. If upstream prefer another patch and their is better debian follow.
Some may be upstream developpers (Branden Robinson with X, sane maintenair,
eagle-usb with coolive).

I overrated the issue to explain why those names change are required. But the r
change in code are mainly internal bugfixes (if firefox segfault with a font or
the like).

Galeon and epiphany are based on mozilla, they where not named gnome mozilla or
such as they break  compatiblity (no xul). Obviously your extension would not
work with them.

When we are at compatibility , f*** .NET, the language meant to make windows a
multihardware OS instead of enabling to develop mulitplatform software.

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