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Re: anybody else gnome 2.8 problems

Rob Benton <rob.benton <at> conwaycorp.net> writes:

> Yes I do have a samba partition mounted.  Specifically what's locked up 

Then you should try unmounting it , comment the line in fstab and restart your
gnome session (if aftermentionned problems does not prevent you from doing it).
The kernel driver lead me to those freezing problems, actually it was not
freezing , waiting around 15min and the system was responsive. Obviously it is
unusable in such conditions.
 I guess it was with a 2k server share that i had problems , never with other
linux samba shares.
This may have been fixed in the kernel or a workaround added to gnome-vfs, i
cannot tell. Please test.

You can still use gnome-vfs driver driver for samba by using smb:// in nautilus
(press ctrl+L to access the location input ) or the networks bookmark. I never
had "freeze" with this one.

> on me has been the ALT+F2 "Run Application" dialog and 
> gnome-cups-manager when I choose 'Become Administrator'.

> I can click and then no response.  I actually meant the default panel 
> menu with "Actions" as its title.  This is really obvious with the 
> logout dialog.  And sometimes it will pop up right away but after 
> choosing reboot or logout nothing happens.

I cannot test with current about those yet . I ll have a new mobo today ,
 i will try to test then.


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