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Re: anybody else gnome 2.8 problems

Alban Browaeys wrote:
do you have a samba partition mounted ?

This was the only problem i ever had with 2.8 and looking after it , it end up
being the kernel driver at fault (using gnome smb:// vfs to access samba share
and the problem vanished.

It does not freeze all applications, only those that use gnome-vfs to acess
files (gedit, nautilus for example).

Yes I do have a samba partition mounted. Specifically what's locked up on me has been the ALT+F2 "Run Application" dialog and gnome-cups-manager when I choose 'Become Administrator'.

I don't know what you meant by "unresponsive" menu action ... what happens ?
When you open the menu and browse the applications , does it freeze ? Or is the
problem that when you click nothing happens, but the menu otherwise works ?
What are "menu actions" ? i know only of the click action .


I can click and then no response. I actually meant the default panel menu with "Actions" as its title. This is really obvious with the logout dialog. And sometimes it will pop up right away but after choosing reboot or logout nothing happens.

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