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Re: anybody else gnome 2.8 problems

Rob Benton <rob.benton <at> conwaycorp.net> writes:

> I was under the impression that gnome 2.8 was pretty stable and maybe 
> that's not really the case.  I recently installed sarge and Gnome 2.8 on 
> my new Dell laptop and gnome is having all kinds of issues.  Mostly lock 
> ups of different apps and unresponsive menu actions.

do you have a samba partition mounted ?

This was the only problem i ever had with 2.8 and looking after it , it end up
being the kernel driver at fault (using gnome smb:// vfs to access samba share
and the problem vanished.

It does not freeze all applications, only those that use gnome-vfs to acess
files (gedit, nautilus for example).

I don't know what you meant by "unresponsive" menu action ... what happens ?
When you open the menu and browse the applications , does it freeze ? Or is the
problem that when you click nothing happens, but the menu otherwise works ?
What are "menu actions" ? i know only of the click action .


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