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Re: disaster with LILO, Debian Linux, Windows, and booting

hi ya dave

yupperz ...

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Dave Sherohman wrote:

> Personally, I tend to go with an ordering something like /, /home,
> swap, /var, /usr on the theory of putting swap in the middle of the
> disk (minimizing average distance to anything else) and keeping

yup.. good for swap to be in the middle if its needed, but than again,
why not put /home in the middle since /home is where most of ythe
user data is and is probably not in memory like all the libs 
and and commands would be .. or so goes the guessing game of
what to put where

> Nope, the problem is the location of the kernel on the disk.  Linux
> runs quite happily within a single partition.

yes about linux running single partition

i was more thinking of separate partitions is better for various
thingies ( /, tmp, /var, /usr, /home ... )
> > 	- can't move
> I don't get what you mean by this

move the partitions around on the disk onto "supposedly unused" area
and to grow or shrink as needed 

> I think you missed the part of his config where he said 
> >> /dev/hda3 = 2 GB, swap


> That one's easy:  tmpfs.  I never make /tmp partitions any more...

thats an idea.. :-)
> > 	- extended partition between primaries
> I've never heard of that causing problems before.

its more of a hda1  have to go spanning a few cylinders to get to hda3
because "an empty" ( not so often used partition is in between ) heavily
used say / at hda1 and /home at /hda3  ...
	- lots of whacky ways to put various stuff spread out over
	the disks

- i think there was one additional h/s/c calculation for "logical"
  partitions vs primary partitions

c ya

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