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Re: disaster with LILO, Debian Linux, Windows, and booting

hi ya sponge

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Spongebob wrote:

> How do I make it better?

"my preference" ... for "security" and portability and fixability
in the middle of the night that will crash on "christmas" when you
dont want to be fixing it:
	hda1	/	128MB - 256MB	
	hda2	/tmp	256MB
	hda3	/var	512MB - 1GB
	hda5	/usr	1GB - 4GB
	hda6	swap	256MB
	hda7	/opt	rest of disk
	move anything *you* touch into /opt

	or reverse the partition number to start from the faster
	inside tracks

> Windows went on first, occupying partitions 1, 5, 
> and 6. I wanted to create a small boot partition for linux on hda3, but I 
> ran out of primary partitions.

you only can have 3 primary and 1 extended partitona and tons of logical

or you can have 4 primary partitions ( usually 1-4 )
- iirc, primary partitions supposed to be faster than logical partitions ?

> Trying to put the bulk on linux on an extended partition didn't work.

it will and should work ... 

> I already have a second drive on 
> the system, though I suppose I could get a usb drive.

get a cheap disk .. for linux ( presumably debian ) as hde or ??

> Can I boot from a usb 
> drive or would I have to use my other internal drive?

yeah... if your kernel supports usb disk devices ( scsi )
> But I want to solve this the right way,
> since I know this will come back to  bite me again sometime later.

problem is there's gazillion ways .. some better than others

and it will always bite whenyou dont want to go fishing for 
crashed boxes

 Is it the size of the linux partition causing 
> the trouble 

nope ..

that fact that you have 1 partiton for all of linxu makes
it a whacky system
	- can't grow
	- can't move
	- no swap
	- no protection against /tmp
	- extended partition between primaries
	- ....

c ya

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