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Re: OT I just discovered texmacs; wow!

On Jan 17 2005, William Ballard wrote:
> Good lord.  What an amazing piece of software.  It's actually an amazing 
> general purpose word processor.  It's the first time I've been able to 
> stomach Emacs-like or Tex-like things because it's not horribly precious 
> or mind-numbingly ugly on screen.

Hummm, I'm probably going to try it sometime in the future, when things get
slighly less hectic.

BTW, I'm currently using GNU Emacs + AUCTeX + RefTeX and I have
preview-latex installed, but I don't use this last package yet. My life has
been so much easier after I've been pointed to the direction of AUCTeX.

This is an amazing mode for people that have to type some math. I wish that
AUCTeX were the default (La)TeX mode for GNU Emacs (I've heard that it is
standard with XEmacs, but I've never tried this one).

Actually, AUCTeX is so amazing that I've installed it for some friends and
told them the basics of getting LaTeX being used and most of them say that
it is like playing "fill in the blanks", when comparing it with the
standard way of typing every command (and its closing mate, if it happens
to have one).

Highly recommended also.

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