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Re: disaster with LILO, Debian Linux, Windows, and booting

Why is /dev/hda4 a bad choice for root? I can't use /dev/hda1 because of 
windows is there.

I'm getting a warning something like:
Kernel says /dev/hdc some geometry
BIOS says /dev/hdc has some different geometry

/dev/hdc is a second drive on my system used for backups. One of its 
partitions is a linux partition. It's been there a while and hasn't ever 
caused any trouble. No BIOS settings have been changed. (The BIOS 
autodetects the geometry.)

I switched to grub, and it won't load my new image either. It loads the old 
one (but the cd drive isn't accessible). I'm trying to recompile the kernel 

No, that didn't work. GRUB gives me
Error 18: Selected cylinder exceeds maximum supported by BIOS

So what does this mean?
Linux detects the drive, reads and writes to it just fine, fsck's it fine, 
and correctly reports the partition sizes (The larger ones being 50-60 GB).

I don't understand who's responsible here. Is it in the compilation process?

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