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Re: disaster with LILO, Debian Linux, Windows, and booting

hi ya

On Mon, 17 Jan 2005, Spongebob wrote:

> My system now boots, but I have no cdrom access. I booted from a rescue 
> disk, de-installed lilo, and then re-installed it. It hasn't solved 
> anything, though. /boot/boot.b is still missing. I read somewhere about 
> /boot/mbr.b. I don't have that either (unless that's the same as boot.0300).

/boot/boot.b is NOT required by lilo
/boot/mbr.b is NOT used by lilo/grub

boot.0300 means that you're currenly booting from the MBR on /dev/hda

reinstalling a clean lilo is a good  thing, and if it still doesnt boot,
than you have a problem with lilo.conf

> Running lilo messes the system up again, and I have to run lilo from the 
> rescue disk to fix it (though I'm not exactly sure why it works there, 
> because within the rescue disk, I do:
> mount /dev/hda4 /mnt
> chroot /mnt
> /sbin/lilo
> which is the same lilo.)

that might not work .. 

assuming /dev/hda4 ( which is a bad choice for / ) but, lets say it's 
your / and has /etc/lilo.conf
	boot the rescue disk 

	mount /dev/hda4 /mnt
	chroot /mnt lilo -v -C /etc/lilo.conf
	( watch for the error messages )

c ya

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