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Re: names good for marketing

On Wednesday, 05.01.2005 at 11:22 -0500, Brendan wrote:

> On Tuesday 04 January 2005 11:56, Dave Ewart wrote:
> > So he knows what 300 million USA residents think?  And yet nothing
> > of the remainder of the world's population?  Doubtful.
> Of course. Didn't you know that we all think alike? Duh!

Er, right.  And this helps your case how, exactly?  I assume you've
missed a smiley.

> > His original comment read "In a country of 300M people, there *will*
> > be some people who say, 'It sounds too black.'"  It would be more
> > reasonable to have simply removed "in a country of 300M people".
> > This generalises his remark in a perfectly sensible way without
> > putting on the irritating US-centric hat.
> Irritating to you, because you obviously have a serious chip on your
> shoulder.

Not at all.  US makes up approximately 5% of the world's population.
The arrogance of some in the US [1] who believe that only the US is
important, or that "US == The World", annoys me.  And I personally know
many who feel the same.  I also personally know US citizens who are
equally appalled by the bad image that such US-centrics give to the US.

[1] I'm not saying the original poster was arrogant, but this topic has
drifted somewhat.  Maybe we should stop now :-)

> You're still clueless about not being able to generalize about other
> places if you don't know about them, aren't you? That's sad.

The poster generalized about 300 million people.  I wouldn't like to
generalize about anyone I don't know.

> I dislike the name Ubuntu, because it's hard to say, and people always
> say "What?" Other than that, it's just as silly-sounding as gentoo or
> Debian.

We are certainly in agreement on this point :-)

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