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Re: names good for marketing

On Tuesday 04 January 2005 11:56, Dave Ewart wrote:
> So he knows what 300 million USA residents think?  And yet nothing of
> the remainder of the world's population?  Doubtful.

Of course. Didn't you know that we all think alike? Duh!

> His original comment read "In a country of 300M people, there *will* be
> some people who say, 'It sounds too black.'"  It would be more
> reasonable to have simply removed "in a country of 300M people".  This
> generalises his remark in a perfectly sensible way without putting on
> the irritating US-centric hat.

Irritating to you, because you obviously have a serious chip on your shoulder.
You're still clueless about not being able to generalize about other places if 
you don't know about them, aren't you? That's sad.

I dislike the name Ubuntu, because it's hard to say, and people always say 
"What?" Other than that, it's just as silly-sounding as gentoo or Debian.

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